Active, initiative and not indifferent to the future of their country youth is essential to our society today. Talented boys and girls, getting higher and professional education, see the current problems and issues that can be solved without investing a lot of money. A support and understanding of the society are more important for them. Seven years in a row in Lutsk Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” helps talented students by considering their projects and ideas. The best receive scholarships.

On the 21st of April, 2017 a ceremony awarding 24 winners, whose projects have been recognized as the best by Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” and the Scholarship Committee, was held. Altogether, there were 67 applications from II-VI-year students of the universities, colleges, technical and vocational schools. At the first stage the applicants for scholarships wrote essays on the topic of “My Investment in Volyn.” At the second stage they presented their topics to the members of the Committee. For three days in different educational establishments the candidates were defending for the participation in the Scholarship project.

Orest Makhovskyi, a Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”, conveyed greetings from the founder of the Foundation before the presentation of certificates.

“This is the idea of Ihor Palytsia, his project to support the gifted youth of our land. We communicate, discuss interesting initiatives and implement those that are most relevant to Lutsk, our region and country. This year, the Committee faced a difficult choice because there were many interesting and practical projects. Some of you take part for the first time, and some are scholarship holders for the second time. I wish that the scholarship you have got could be used effectively, with maximum benefit for yourselves, to invest the money in your development. Try to use them in the creation of the best competitive advantage in your career. I wish you achievements and success in your life” – wished Orest Makhovskyi.

The projects Committee selected as the best, concern various spheres of life: energy saving, specific assistance for people, and the preservation of cultural heritage, environmental problems and so on. Among the scholars there were those who distinguished oneselves, such as a native of Kovel and a student of Lutsk National Technical University Bohdan Datsiuk, who presented some practical projects. One of them relates to alternative energy sources, the other to modern robotics: he has created a machine that goes round obstacles. But the most interesting of his project was the development of the device for people with disabilities. If there is interference, this device alerts the owner that there is danger. No less remarkable is Olha Bakun’s project, she is also a student of LNTU. She offers to make a collection of school uniforms for children with the ornaments of Volyn embroidery. She has already agreed with Lutsk School 14 to introduce this uniform to one of the classes. A student of East-European National University Viktoriia Kumanska has developed a project to preserve the authentic heritage of Volyn song, which is also extraordinary. Vira Kostenko, a student of DPTNZ “Lutsk Higher Vocational School” wants to help teens with Internet addiction. A Chairman of the Student Council, a student of the Lutsk Medical College and this year’s scholarship holder Svitlana Sterenchuk offers to arrange a School of the Leader for the members of student self-governance.

According to Oksana Demchuk, a Coordinator of the “Support for Gifted Youth” Program, subsequent to the results of the defense, 12 winners who study at higher educational establishments, will get an educational scholarship in the sum of 2500 Ukrainian hryvnias, and12 winners from other educational establishments will get an educational scholarship in the sum of 1500 Ukrainian hryvnias.


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