Ihor Palytsia “Only together” Foundation celebrated its five-year anniversary. Now there is a special occasion to recall what was done by “New Lutsk” Foundation and now “Only together” during this time. Founder of the Foundation Ihor Palytsia together with the chairman of the board Oleksandr Tovsteniuk and the team have realized important projects of social, cultural, scientific, educational and sports areas. And it all began in 2011. It was then when the Foundation founder Ihor Palytsia decided to help people – it is a great work that benefits and changes lives. Step by step the Foundation began working on the changes in our city. There are children’s and sports playgrounds, schools received a mini-football fields, thousands of people come every day to the public reception for help. A total of 23,000 Volyn natives received financial support. For major projects that were brought to life, the Foundation spent 310 million of UAH. This is an investment in the present and the future of Volyn and Volyn natives. Now, across the region there are representational offices of the Foundation, which bring people together in a large community of supporters. Thanks to the Foundation whose name speaks for itself – “Only together” we will change Volyn Oblast for the better!


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