Amazing Carpathian Mountains, picturesque landscapes, clean air and the most advanced international children’s center “Artek-Bukovel” will leave vivid impressions for 345 Volynian students for a long time. For their ability and knowledge, and a proactive approach to life, they were able to rest and get healthier as part of the “Rest in Bukovel” Project, which is implemented for the sixth year in a row by Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”.

The motto of the first group arrival of the resting in Artek in May was: “We are all successful, because we are the team!”. And indeed, despite the large number of children, in a few days they became one whole sincere and true family. After the first day of the acquaintance, every day various theme-based events took place in “Artek-Bukovel”: “Musical Ring” competition, “Pyramid of Knowledge” erudite-show, informative “Gameland”, “Me and My Squad” quest, visiting a rope park, marathons and challenges. There were also sports events on artball, football, darts, chess, checkers, and also team game program “Squad, Counselor, and I Are a Family of  Artek”, and sports-entertainment game “We are Olympians!”, a maze of communication “Portrait of a Successful Man”, and information portal “Success is in our Hands”, and so on.

The Counselor of the fifth squad called “Phoenix”, Anna Burka, says that these events unite children greatly, they learn to work as a team, support each other, seek solutions to various problems jointly and conquer peaks.

  • During the competition each of the children was involved in one of the stages, and the rest of the cheered them with chants, cheers, and applause. The atmosphere is incredibly warm and friendly. Many competitions aimed at promoting Ukrainian language and literature, music. We also learn about the history of the Bukovel Ski Resort, Carpathian traditions. All of our activities are instructive and informative, they show children all the best that our country has, its history and customs, and cultivate a sense of dignity, – says the counselor.

Incidentally, during this spring group arrival the children from all districts of Volyn and from the regional center rested and recovered.

Bohdan Tytarenko is in “Artek-Bukovel” for the first time, although he came with his brother Olexander, who is here for the third time. The boys are from the village of Prylisne, Manevychi district. They study well, and have got a lot of achievements and prizes at tourist events. They also visit the Small Academy of Sciences, where they study “History of Religion”, and also they are the winners of different competitions at the regional level.

  • Most of all I like intellectual contests and educational quests. But regardless of the subject, children learn well, have a real opportunity to rest and get healthier in “Artek-Bukovel”. There is very clean air, beautiful nature, and fascinating mountains. You can’t find this in Volyn. This is very powerful incentive, because there are families who can’t afford a vacation, and Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” provides the opportunity for the successful and talented. For example, this time 6 pupils from our Prylisne School went to the Carpathian Mountains. We thank all the parents and teachers who teach and educate us, trying to give us all the best, – says the boy.

Mariika Dolzhko, a pupil of Kamin-Kashyrskyi is on this holiday for the first time. The schoolgirl of the ninth grade has got the chance to go to “Artek-Bukovel” because of getting the prize for Petro Yatsyk International Competition of the Ukrainian Language Experts, which aims to preserve and develop the Ukrainian language, raise its prestige among young people. She says that the experience is unbelievable, and the rest is at the highest level.

  • We have become friends, a big family, sharing common and good emotions. Active leisure, various contests and competitions, and quests are all thanks to our counselor and good organization, and I give thanks to Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” for this opportunity, – says the schoolgirl with appreciation.

Illia Kozak, a pupil of Lutsk Educational Complex 9, is interested in the historical past of the region. So, he wrote and defended and got a prize for an archeology research work on “The Repressions of the Soviet Regime in Volyn in 1939-1941”. For this, Illia got the chance to go and get healthier in the fresh air in the Carpathians, find new friends and associates here. And the boy is impressed with the service of “Artek-Bukovel”.

  • Everything is very modern, clean and neat. The rooms are spacious, each has a television with 42 channels, Wi-Fi, and a bathroom. The cuisine is very delicious, sweet pancakes for breakfast, hearty lunch and dinner, and fruits all the time. It’s very comfortable, making holidays more enjoyable. With great pleasure I would like to come here next year again, so I will do my best, – says the boy.

Fifteen-year-old Kira Uhryn from Volodymyr-Volynskyi loves outdoor activities, so she treats all the classes in the camp with particular optimism.

  • Every day there are different events, which we discover only on the particular day. This program is intriguing, but we do know that it will be very cool and interesting. One day we were walking in the mountains, the other we were skiing, there were sporting events all the time, and every evening we had themed discos, which we called “extras”. Counselors used to show us interesting dance moves, together we had a lot of fun. The territory is very big, and we were constantly exploring many paths and stairs attractions. We sang many songs, make chants, slogans, each squad had a system of signs. We cheered each other during the day, talk a lot. In the evening, tired but happy, we used to get back into our comfortable houses. During these days, I received an energy boost and enjoyment for the whole year, – said the girl.

Kira really wants to come to “Artek-Bukovel” again, so she will do her best. By the way, the schoolgirl has won a prize at the Regional Olympiad on Law Science. She plans to link her professional activity to this area in the future.

The final chord of the group arrival and the top achievement of each pupil who took a rest in “Artek” and of each squad was the final creative benefit called “We are the Artek team!”; a celebration of talent, inspiration and success. Volyn students were dancing, singing and having fun, but everyone had a drop of sadness in their souls for the days spent in “Artek-Bukovel”, the experience, emotions, and for the moment of life that was divided into Carpathians and Volyn. New acquaintances who have become best friends will go to different parts of Volyn, but will forever be those who want to conquer peaks.

During the first group arrival of spring this year, 345 children from all district centers of Volyn region visited the International Children’s Center “Artek-Bukovel”. During The second group arrival 450 pupils who take a rest in “Artek” will go on holiday in the Carpathian Mountains in late May. The third group arrival is scheduled for autumn. There will be 170 children. In general, for six years with the support of the Foundation “Artek-Bukovel” was visited by 8075 young Volynyans.


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