A multipurpose project has been done in upper secondary school in the village of Stara Vyzhivka together with Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”. Modern equipment was purchased for the History room: versatile projector and screen. And new energy saving windows were also installed there.

Versatile projector and screen are used to show slide decks, pupils’ creative initiatives, and new learning material. It can be used to watch documentaries and historical pieces, visualization of different events, templates, dates, etc. to make children better remember the learning material.

“I often meet colleagues, visit schools in Lutsk and Kovel. After such meetings and visits I was pitifully thinking that our district centre falls behind when it comes to the material support of educational institutions. Now our lessons are different. They are more interesting visually, as well as children and teachers work more diligently,” – Rostyslav Kinakh, a school teacher of History concludes.

Besides, this room was the coldest in the whole school. Children had to wear coats, and even used to bring warm plaid sometimes. To change all windows, a great sum of money was needed. That is why proactive parents asked  Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” for help.

Olha Redkovych, the Head of the Foundation Representative Office in Stara Vyzhivka, said that it was the first project for this educational institution done together with the Foundation.

 “We have seen people that stood up united to solve an urgent problem. We have seen that they were rather interested, and as there are no someone else’s children, we agreed to do this project together with the community,” – Olha Redkovych concludes.

Nowadays there are more that 800 children go to upper secondary school. Since the building was built, many generations of schoolchildren and teachers have changed. Every time the school administration and parents try to renovate the school. They make repairs, buy items necessary for studying.

The execution of a project depends on the community’s proactivity. The community of Stara Vyzhivka is exactly of this kind. The community has done its first project, and this gives confidence that much more can be done together.


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