Development funds of two more pre-school educational institutions No.23 and No.28 in Lutsk were awarded with starting grants at the rate of 10 thousand hryvnas from Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together”.

For which purposes money from parental contributions will be used? Which directions shall be financed from local budget? How to involve sponsors’ costs for development of the educational institution? These and other questions were discussed in Office of quarter development to the address 6, Druzhba Narovid avenue during delivery ceremony of Certificates for award of grant.

Under the program “Modern education that is being introduced by Fund “Only Together” grant costs will be received in two stages: first – so called starting grant at the rate of 10 ths.hrn. right after registration of the fund; second – 10 ths.hrn.until the end of the current year for realization of particular projects for development of pre-schoolers. “It would be correct to spend extrabudgetary costs not for paint, but for development of children. Special attention shall be paid to directions financed by the founder of our fund – children’s playgrounds, sport grounds, futsals at schools, children’s rest in Bukovel, scholarships for gifted children. All this is related to future of our children and Lutsk children will be able to use for many years”, says Borys Smal, coordinator of the project “Fund of education of educational institution”.

Funds of development of educational institution in Lutsk were used on the initiative of students’ parents and trainees and under support of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” and have been functioning for a half of a year and promote development of educational institutions in the regional center. Successful projects realized by parental funds become a good example and stimulus for registration of the next. Besides, neighbors from Lviv and Rivne regions would like to familiarize with experience of work of parental funds in Lutsk.

Directors and participants of newly established organizations shared future plans of use of costs of the starting grant: Although kindergarten has many economic problems, for example, installation of the heating unit, but childs development is of higher priority. Our kindergarten is special, that’s why we are going to purchase special toys for children”, narrates Oksana Kovatsenko, Chairman of Board of Directors of “Development Fund of pre-school educational institution No.28” “Bedryk”. Parents and employees of the institution understand they must provide support and knowledge for children for their full-fledged development with their equals in age.

Parents and directors of PEI No.23 have already decided how to distribute money: At first we are going to purchase toys for children, in autumn an excursion is going to be held. At present an extremely large share of financing of the PEI have been laid for parents, that’s why to support the fund  we would like  to involve benefactors for assistance of the kindergarten”, acknowledges Katerina Karpiuk, Chairman of Board of Directors “Development Fund of pre-school educational institution No.23” “Dubochok”.

During summer vacations Development funds of educational institutions in the city are going to arrange a set of mutual projects, which purpose are health improvement, perfection of knowledge and skills of pre-schoolers and schoolchildren.



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