On the basis of Office of neighborhood development, which is lactated on 6, Shukhevycha Street, the second course of “School of condominium leader” started. Employees of the Office of neighborhood development, operating with the support of Ihor Palytsia “Only together” Foundation actively help people in solving various problems. This time, the meeting discussed the most important problem of all newly created associations – methods of energy conservation in apartment buildings. Installation of individual heating units, changing traditional lamps with LED lighting, using solar energy all these topics were told by experts to condominium managers who were invited to the course “School of condominium leader”.

Chairman of “Dinas” condominium, located on 1, Ohienka Street, Mykhailo Dudchenko says that he often comes to the Office of neighborhood development. He is always welcomed here and the office is ready to answer all his questions. Mykhailo admits that during six months of condominium existence together with the residents of apartment buildings they managed to upgrade building surrounding grounds, clean up entrance halls.


At the end of the meeting employees of the Office of neighborhood development presented to the chairmen of the associations a layout of announcement board for association, which will be provided with all the condominiums which helped in the creation of the Office of neighborhood development. This will help to keep the pulse of events in the house, all residents of apartment building.


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