« Five years of a good job and achievements, and which is the most important, changes that we all are involved in, have passed. During this time we were able to do the crucial thing – to achieve Your credibility in the Foundation.


“Tilky Razom” Foundation not only gives financial assistance, but supports non-governmental  initiatives, puts on to raising possibilities of unlocking the potential of everyone interested.  During five years of work we have gradually been handling a number of social, cultural and sports projects within Lutsk. As a result, a deliberate intent to extend the Foundation activity geography has emerged. Having gathered the support of Yours, we are starting changes that are going to make our territory successful and prosperous. For this reason, I rely on Your proactivity. Because, having united together, we can develop our beautiful Volyn.

  The work of the Foundation for these years has become my lifework — a will to do more for people. We are standing on the verge of changes, because it cannot longer be the way it is now. I believe that together we can have happy and peaceful life. We still have something to strive for, to aim at and change.                                                   

United together, we are Ukraine, and it starts from each of us». Ihor PALYTSIA, a founder of “Tilky Razom” Foundation


«Ihor Palytsia’s “New Lutsk” Foundation, which is now called “Tilky Razom”, started its work in June, 2011. Step by step, thanks to the team and everyone’s well-coordinated work, we have been doing our best to make Lutsk better. We have visited every common area, every school, have examined every children’s playground and block of flats, we have been trying to hear everyone, understand and support those who needs help. Behind there are many development projects focused on science, culture, education, sports base growth, influence over social sphere of life. In the future there are many ideas and plans which cover whole Volyn. After all, the Foundation develops together with You._mg_9521

  Year after year the Foundation’s spending has been raised, and that is a deliberate decision of Ihor Palytsia, the founder of the Foundation. For five years of activity there have been spent more than 300 million hryvnias on project implementation. We work and believe that changes for the better are ahead.                           

United together, we will achieve success». – Oleksandr TOVSTENYUK, a Chairman of the Management Board of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”



Five years ago in Lutsk “New Lutsk” Foundation began work. In 2016 the Foundation’s name was changed into “Tilky Razom”.

For the founder of the Foundation, Lutsk is a city where he was born and raised, his parents live here, therefore he broke the ice in his small homeland. It is hometown, where Foundation’s major projects have been executed, and everyone from a newborn child at a birthing centre to a veteran has become aware of these projects.

In the summer 2015, having taken into account an experience of four year work of the Foundation, a Center of City Development that united 8 Quarter Development Offices (QDO) situated in different microdistricts of the city. QDO’s have become the platform for communication, providing information, assistance and an opportunity to take part in Foundation’s projects. The work of QDO’s on the whole new level allows for dialogue with every citizen of Lutsk and suggests alternatives of effective solution for challenging issues. Trainings on self government, topical workshops on sharing experiences, meetings with concerned people are held here, as well as consultations are given, etc.

Monthly QDO’s officers file down over 700 references from the citizens of Lutsk who care about the city’s well-being. Each office has become the centre of ideas and initiatives accumulation. Based on received information, the Passport of QDO has been prepared, which in the future will be a guide for choosing priorities of Foundation’s work in every microdistrict of Lutsk.

Ever since the Foundation changed its title into “Tilky Razom”, the geography and range of its work have changed.  In the second quarter of this year in every district centre and in the town of Novovolynsk there were opened 17 representational offices of the Foundation, which are a part of a structural subdivision named “The Centre of Territorial Community Development”. 42 experts were trained for the arrangement of work, among them – 36 are locals of district centres. The representational offices organize their work under Foundation’s projects, but first of all, they focus their attention on the support of community initiatives.

The work of the Foundation can be more effectual only in co-operation with communities. The Foundation aims to work step by step jointly with citizens in the effect that our region is economically successful and prosperous in all businesses.



 Sport-Oriented Volyn (sports infrastructure development, football field into every school, sports ground for training in a Street Workout, support for sportsmen of higher sports mastery, organization of competitions, support for competitive sports, fitting up with sports gear and equipment)

The Development of Territory Communities (initiative citizenhood, assistance in uniting into housing Cooperatives (HC) and Public Self-Organization Bodies (PSOB), Lutsk-2020, children’s playground)

Health of the Volynians  (recreation in Bukovel)

Modern Education  (educational establishment development fund)

With Kindness in Heart (meal service for low-income sections of the population, support of ostomy patients, targeted aid)

Culture and Spirituality (towards spiritual treasuries, new life – new Lutsk)

Support for Talented Youth (scholarship project)

Support for Ukrainian Military Servicemen and Their Families (targeted aid to ATO veterans and their families, psychological aid to Ukrainian military servicemen and their families, Warm the Heart)




Year after year “Tilky Razom” Foundation has created opportunities for all-round development of Volynians, expanding sports infrastructure of the city and the region. The program is implemented to popularize healthy living and to get youth in sports activities.

zagalnaThe achievement of “Tilky Razom” Foundation is the reconstruction of the athletic complex of “Avangard” stadium. A professional finish on the athletic track was put, sectors for jumping, throws and other important objects were placed. Thanks to the investments of the Foundation, in March 2016 the stadium received II Category Stadium Certificate by the International Association of Athletics Federation, IAAF. Today, the sports arena of “Avangard” holds trainings of Ukrainian athletics team, international and European competitions, nationwide championships. 500 meters from “Avangard” stadium there is reconstructed sports base of Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University. “Sports Core” is the name of the stadium, which has an athletic track, sectors for warming-ups, sports grounds for playing basketball and volleyball. This comprehensive sports base is among the top three best athletics stadiums of Ukraine.

 08“Even when the country is at war, this doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t become stronger. So, everything our Foundation does is directed to make our people strong and mighty, and to prove that we are the best not only on the battlefield, but in sport. I sure hope that on this stadium new world records will be created.  While our best sons are defending the country, we are going to prove that we can be strong too!” — Ihor Palytsia, the founder of “Tilky Razom” Foundation.


dsc_q0027“Only just a year ago Ukrainian Athletic Federation and Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “United Together” signed a Memorandum of Collaboration, but so far it has been done so much. Today Volyn is an example for other regions”, — Ihor Hotsul, a Senior Executive Vice-President in charge of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, a President of Ukrainian Athletic Federation.

img_0912 “Football field into every school” is another strain vector of “Sport-Oriented Volyn” program. Fifteen mini-fields with artificial surfacing, equipped by the Foundation, are used actively by the schoolchildren of the city. Since 2015 “Tilky Razom” Foundation has initiated “Leather Ball” Football Tournament among 6-9-formers. Around 500 sportsmen from all the schools of the city have become participants of this tournament. And thanks to “Olympic Reserve Patronage” program, it has been able to honor upcoming sportsmen of the region, to buy necessary equipment and medication for them, and to assist in taking part in competitions of international standing.

img_9967img_6939For five years of the Foundation’s work it has been able to do the following:  strengthen material and technical basis of seven regional sports organizations, assist in holding thirty competitions on different kinds of sports, support of honoured sportsmen: track and field athletes — Ivan Banzeruk, Nadiia Borovska, Nadiia Myroniuk,  hummer thrower — Iryna Klymets, javelin thrower — Bohdan Maksym, cycling sportsman — Yana Belomoiinova, swimmer — Vitalii Alpatov, chess-player — Olena Vasina, and other Volynian sportsmen.

 01Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” has supported Volynian football, hockey, basketball, volleyball and handball teams, etc.


“Placing sports ground for training in a Street Workout” is a project that popularizes another kind of sports which can be mastered by everyone. In Lutsk there are 27 sports objects outdoors for exercising. Also similar sports grounds are placed in Olyka, Tsuman and Liubeshiv.


 “Building up such a sports ground is an initiative of Ihor Palytsia because he is a man of healthy living, and finds time for sports every day. Today, the availability of these sports grounds in a must, they popularize health living, are helpful to engage children and youth to go in for sports, and create a positive image of the city”,Oleksandr Tovstenyuk, a Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation.

At the turn of 2015 in Liubeshiv, Manevychi, Kamin-Kashyrskyi, and Kivertsi, thanks to “United Together” Foundation, sports complexes with basketball, volleyball and mini-football fields were built. And “Kolos” stadium in Liubeshiv got run tracks with new surface.

 “Tilky Razom” Foundation is expanding activities in Volyn districts. We think that children should train in proper conditions, and take care of their health”, —  Ihor Palytsia, the founder of “Tilky Razom” Foundation.

During five years of Foundation’s work, 72,5 million hryvnias have been spent for “Sport-Oriented Volyn” Project.




Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” aims not only to help those who need hand, but also tries to establish cooperation with people. The “Initiative Citizenhood” Project’s goal is to line up concerned people behind an idea, and put this idea into action on the grounds of co-funding together with the Foundation. Putting own intension and money forms sustainable use of everyone to achieved property. In order to hands-on assistance to enterprising Volynians that are looking for additional sources of funding, the Foundation has established a workshop course on preparing project documentation. This will make it possible to participate in non-government initiative tenders, which are held by Volyn Region Council, as well as citizens will be able to prepare documents for taking part in grant projects.

zamalyuvati-kremskogoStarting in 2015 the Foundation extensively encourages Lutsk citizens to self-organization. A support of Housing Cooperatives (HC) is one of Foundation’s focus areas. At the premises of Quarter Development Offices a comprehensive information and legal support at the stage of creating HC is given. Chairmen of the Board of newly created HC have the possibility of getting practical knowledge of economy management at the HC School of Leader.  The Foundation joins in financing HC terms of reference concerning the improvement of residential buildings and building surrounding grounds conditions. For a fraction of a year Quarter Development Offices have helped to create 70 HC’s in the city.

 “We are making reorientation of the Foundation’s working strategy to more educational. When the citizens of Lutsk invest their own money into joint activity, they will put more value on communal property. We are ready to consider proposals on co-funding from 20% to 50-60%”, — Oleksandr Tovstenyuk, a Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation

dsc_8483An ambition for changing unites inner suburbs residents, too. With the assistance of the Foundation in Lutsk 3 bodies of citizen self-ogranization have been created, they are quarter and street committees of Dubnivska and Kovelska districts and Huschanska Street. They have already got an up-close opportunity to influence on solving topical issue of their territory. Upholding of their interests in the City Council in respect to including expenses on coating roads with asphalt and road illumination into the budget of the city are the first items that newly created committee are going to handle.

ol4_0394“Placing children’s playgrounds” is another direction of “The Development of Territory Communities” Program, because children are our future. Since it started, more that 30 children’s playgrounds, places where children spend time actively and which beautify common areas, have been built. Starting in 2015, such playgrounds are being built in other districts of the region.

 21,8 million hryvnias have been spent on “The Development of Territory Communities” Project




dsc_0765Statistics shows that only 23% of parents can afford to improve the health of their children in recreation camps. In 2012 the Foundation started “Rest in Bukovel” Project. 5290 children have already been in “Artek-Bukovel”, the pearl of Carpathian Mountains, an International Children Camp. They all are talented children from Volyn: winners of regional and All-Ukraine Olympics, singing and dancing competitions, young sportsmen, and children with special needs. Parents’ comments show that the children have liked the recreation so much that they are inspired for new achievements.

img_3576Another large-scale project under the program is a complete repair of a swimming pool in the Complex School for Children and Youth Nr. 1 in Lutsk, Veresneve district. Having used the Foundation’s money in 2013, building’s foundation was strengthened, a housetop repair was done, a foreside was decorated, which has saved the building from decay. The pool was fitted with the newest water purification and disinfection system, new furniture was bought. Nowadays up to 300 children adults from the entire city are able to use the swimming pool.

Under “Health Improvement at Resorts” Project 500 members of veterans organizations have made improvements to health in “Prolisok” Resort.

Under “Cancer-Stricken Women Rehabilitation” Project together with “Donna”, a non-governmental organization, the Foundation has repaired premises in Region Cancer Detection Centre into rehabilitation center, and has bought exercise equipment. Now patients of the centre can get psychological aid, physiotherapeutic procedures and remedial gymnastic.

img_4596For 5 years of work, Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” has provided assistance to all medical facilities of the city without exception.

In The Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital a comprehensive repair of the department for HIV-infected has been done. Manipulation room and separate chambers have been well-developed. Physiotherapy Department of the Regional Hospital for War Veterans has been provided with the latest equipment for diverse procedures and office equipment to conduct electronic database of patients.

Modern equipment which has been given to The Regional Centre for Emergency Medical Care makes it possible to reduce waiting times of an ambulance. Thanks to the technical support, a dispatcher quickly responds to the call of the patient.

In 2015, “Care of Premature Babies” Project ended. For 4 years 107 babies born with low weight bodies received support. Drugs that save lives (pulmonary surfactant) have been provided for younger patients. In addition, medical equipment for diagnosis of newborns and treatment of has been bought for Lutsk Clinical Maternity Hospital.

73,3 million hryvnias have been spent on “Health of the Volynians” Program for 5 years.




dsc_0074The aim of “Modern Education” Program is to develop and teach students of higher educational institutions and vocational training educational establishments. The Foundation puts emphasis on supporting research through strengthening of material base of schools, construction of research laboratories for practical work of students. In 2012-2015 the Foundation implemented “The Modern research laboratory” Project. The work has resulted in equipping of eight educational and practical laboratories. They are biotechnology laboratory, forensic laboratory, equipment for laboratories at The Department of Chemistry and Geographical Department of Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University. Modern equipment for teaching and practical cooking lab at the College of Technologies, Business and Law has been mounted. Format-cutting and edge facing machines were purchased for Lutsk Higher School of Construction and Architecture. Food Quality Standardization Laboratory was equipped, and a convection steamer was purchased for students of Volyn College of Food Technology.

 “It is important for students to improve theoretical knowledge with practical skills and capabilities. Academic learning process should end with practice not later than at an educational institution, and not when graduates are looking for a job. We want that the knowledge of young professionals would be of a high-level and they would be real professionals in their field”,— Oleksandr Tovstenyuk, a Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation  

dsc_0378From 2012 to 2015 material and technical base of the College of Technology, Business and Law was strengthened. Roof repair was done, and office equipment was purchased. In Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University a student dormitory Nr. 2, walkways and elevators were repaired. Within 5 years of the Foundation’s work new furniture, modern boards have been purchased, windows and doors have been replaced, the repairs have been done at schools and kindergartens of Lutsk.

dsc_3826In 2015 Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” launched “The Educational Institution Development Fund” Project, which goal is to promote an efficient use of parent’s funds to improve educational process, the development of educational base of educational institutions and involvement of other sources of funding.

Thanks to cooperation with the Foundation, schools receive necessary legal assistance and financial support, get compensation of costs spent for registration, and grants for the development of a kindergarten or school. All the money is transferred into the account of the fund. With these means parents have an opportunity to upgrade facilities, teaching materials, furniture, sports equipment, organize club activities with children as may seem expedient to them. In addition, the oportunity to attract additional funding in the form of sponsor, school leavers, and businessmen support opens to the Educational Institution Development Fund. 11 Educational Institution Development Fund already work at city. Ideas that Foundation is representing today, have interested visitors from Rivne and Lviv regions. On the basis of the Quarter Development Office they took part in a seminar on the creation and work of the fund.

Expenses on educational program — 21,2 million hryvnias




The Foundation does not remain aloof people with severe fate, socially unprotected citizens.

During the period of 2011-2015 projects of “With Kindness in Heart” Program covered all age groups of people in need of attention and care. The most vulnerable among them are children and the elderly. The Foundation is often the only place where they can get not only moral support, but also financial assistance.

img_1001Under “Financial Assistance to the Poor” Project in 2011, over 25,000 people received assistance. Ihor Palytsia has decided to help individuals knowing how hard it is for those who find themselves in trouble. If in 2012, when the Foundation’s activity was spread exclusively in Luck, 50-60 people monthly asked for help, but starting in 2016, more than 600 people have requested assistance.   

rpap-jpegDaily 50 persons under cares of Lutsk Territorial Centre get a hot lunch. Such cooperation of the territorial Centre and the Foundation has extended for 3 years under “The Meal Service for Low-Income Sections of the Population” Project. Proper conditions of stay have been created for them: catering premises have been renovated, equipment, utensils, appliances and air conditioning has been bought.

Also under “With Kindness in Heart” Program funds for nutrition of university students and high school students have been appropriate.

Under “Providing Sanitary Facilities for the Poor” Project, 500 bedridden patients have got assistance. Monthly ostomy patients are helped with specialized medication.

dsc_1675 “Support of Insulin-Dependent Children” Project remains in effect in the Foundation. 42 children under 18 are registered in Lutsk.

Since March 2014 the Foundation has provided systematic assistance to purchase medications for insulin-dependent patients. The payment is made through social cards for medications.

Since 2013 the Foundation annually provides assistance for the construction of “Agape”, a modern complex for rehabilitation of people with disabilities. In June 2016 the Foundation’s representatives took part in the official opening of the center, which began to receive people with disabilities of the musculoskeletal system on rehabilitation. In addition, the centre helps them to socialize and serve themselves. Simultaneously, up to 30 patients can stay in “Agape”.

In 2012, a construction of recreation base of Ukrainian Union of Afghan Veterans in the natural Shatsk district Svityaz was funded. In particular, the foreside was decorated, interior work was performed, and the territory was developed. According to the project, the work is performed by 60%. The Foundation has invested 2,6 million hryvnias into the construction of the base.

The Foundation has spent 44,4 million hryvnias on “With Kindness in Heart” Program




Active and intelligent young people are the key to the development of the region and the state as a whole. From the knowledge students gain during their studies the development of the country will depend. This is a persuasion of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”. The young are the best investment into the future.

02Capable and talented students of universities and colleges can participate in the scholarship project of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”. To participate in the project, they must have high scores, academic achievements, and participate in competitions and conferences. Students write an essay on “My Investment in Volyn”. A qualified jury selects the winners, the best of the best, whose ideas are worth of implementation. Only in 2016 40 students have received scholarships in the amount of 1,500 and 2,500 hryvnias, depending on the type of an institution. Children from youth sports schools and Olympic reserve get allowance monthly during the year. Its size is 500 hryvnias. Overall, more than 1000 successful pupils and students have received scholarships from the “Tilky Razom” Foundation.

1The result of cooperation between the Foundation and the scholars was practical implementation of one of the winners plan. Olha Filiuk has painted chambers in children’s hospitals. Students of Lutsk Higher School of Construction and Architecture have decorated corridors and chambers with bright pictures. With the assistance of the “Support of Youth Initiatives” Project walls in two branches of Volyn Regional Children’s Territorial Medical Center and the hall of Volyn Regional Children’s Consultative Clinic have been decorated with pictures of cartoon characters. And recently a fairy chamber has appeared in Manevychi District Hospital.




The Foundation’s “Culture and Spirituality” Program is an environment for creativity, development and establishing of the best achievements of Ukrainian nation, its language, culture and history. Under “Towards Spiritual Treasuries” Project free performances for the citizens of Lutsk were organized at Taras Shevchenko Volyn Regional Music and Drama Theatre. Thousands of spectators have had an opportunity to join the classics of national and world drama by seeing plays: “Age of Jacob”, “Khanum”, “The Kaidash Family”, “Surrogate Mother”, “Carmen”, and others. The inhabitants of remote districts of Volyn have also contributed to the art. A season of visiting theater shows has been organized for them. The works of Ukrainian classical were played by actors on the stages of towns’ and villages’ cultural centers.

noviy-lutsk-nove-zhittyaA project under which all newborns in Lutsk receive a booklet “Our Baby” as a gift functions in Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”. Here it is, the first thread of the Foundation’s work, which starts from birth. For five years the “New Lutsk — New Life” Project has covered more than 9,500 young citizens of Lutsk.

goryayinoviEmbroidered shirts, as symbols of Ukrainian national culture, have been given to orphans, children from poor families and children displaced from the Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea, realizing the “Give an Embroidered Shirt to a Child”

dsc_3175The “We are Together in Art” Project has gained the greatest popularity among children and parents. Its focus is to develop creativity in children with special needs. Experienced teachers conducted training that included various practices and art therapies: clay modeling, learning traditional types of folk art, music lessons.



dsc_0732In the Art Gallery of the Central Department Store thematic workshops and exhibitions of famous artists have taken place. During 2015 a unique collection of works of Volynian artist Viktor Semeniuk was exhibited here. It has been moved into Lutsk Castle for the inhabitants of Lutsk and visitors could see the exhibition. In addition, art exhibitions of ATO soldier’s works, artists, capable children are held in the Art Gallery.

Art events, such as an International Festival “Stravinsky and Ukraine”, an international event “Night of Museums”, an “Embroidered Charms of Unity” festival, a “Dove of Peace” act, “Berehynia”, and others have received the Foundation’s support.

dsc_0655During 5 years the Foundation has supported publishing of 60 books of Volynian writers.

Every year on Victory Day the Foundation honors the Great Patriotic War veterans. Greeting heroes of war with the Christmas holidays, and first-graders on the Day of Knowledge has become a tradition.

On the occasion of the Day of the Ukrainian Army, the Foundation contributed to the establishment of a new exhibition at the Military Museum about the events of Maidan and the East of Ukraine.

For the time of the “Culture and Spirituality” Program’s work 22,4 million hryvnias were spent by the Foundation




A decision to support military servicemen and members of their families was made by Ihor Palytsia, a founder of the Foundation, immediately after military activities had started on the East of Ukraine. Medication for the wounded has been bought; treatments abroad, assistance to families of victims, rehabilitation and psychological adaptation of demobilized have been sponsored.

More that 1000 military servicemen that had served in ATO, got financial help. These funds were to support military units, voluntary battalions, civil protection units, health care establishments, volunteer organizations, and others.

Under this project, medical establishments that treat military servicemen were supported, (Lutsk Military Hospital, Volyn Regional Hospital of War Veterans, Central Clinical Hospital of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Volyn Regional Psychiatric Treatment Facility, and others). Common projects with non-governmental and volunteer organizations were done (Volyn Regional Organization of Ukrainian Union of Afghanistan Veterans, volunteers of “Volyn SOS”, “Dovira” Volunteer Centre in Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University, and others.

Three offroaders were purchased for the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade; helmets, warm clothes, thermal and radio stations were bought for Ukrainian Volunteer Corps; refrigerated vehicle was purchased for “Black Tulip” Humanitarian Mission; winter overalls and night vision devices were bought for the 1st Battalion of Territorial Defense “Volyn”.

 dsc_0800“Warm the Heart” Project started in March 2015 together with volunteers of Kovel Help centre of the 14th Separate Mechanized Brigade. Military servicemen were rehabilitated in such local resorts and recreation centres like “Prolisok”, “Lisova Pisnia”, “Hart”, “Chervona Kalyna”, “Bukovel” sports and health camp, and “Isky” in Zakarpattia region. The program includes working with psychologists, art therapy, and treatment. For that period there were 12 rehabilitation arrivals, and about 250 military servicemen resided at the centres.

dsc_0043“Psychological Aid to Ukrainian Military Servicemen and Their Families” is a Project realized by faculty members of the Practical Psychology Department and Vital Activity Security Department of Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University. More than 2000 military servicemen that had served in ATO, and members of their families got individual counseling. More than 200 people, namely, families of dead serviceman, prisoners of war, and volunteers were rehabilitated.

img_7651Anti-terrorist operation on the East of Ukraine has become a test of unity. This has not left any Ukrainian indifferent. At a time when the army was not staffed to protect the integrity of the state, benefactors, patrons, volunteers and conscious people have joined forces. According to Ihor Palytsia, the founder of the Foundation, and Oleksandr Tovstenyuk, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Foundation, this program is particularly important in the current situation in the country.


During the war in the East, 20 million hryvnias were invested in the “Support for Ukrainian Military Servicemen and Their Families” Program.

These people are our neighbors and friends, our protectors, our athletes and future scientists. They started their lives anew to go forward having united together. The team of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation, which includes more than 100 people, hopes to work together with you, those who want to develop our native Volyn!


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