Funds of development of educational institutions in Lutsk established on initiative of children and trainees’ parents under support of Igor Palytsias FundOnly Together held the next meeting of the “Club of Best Parents”. Such meetings are the platform for exchange of thoughts, experience, ideas and achievements. At present development funds are open in ten educational institutions of the city. The purpose of their establishment is consolidation and division of resources for development of an educational institution, children’s training and upbringing, reduction of financial load of parents. Funds of development of educational institutions in Lutsk established on initiative of children and trainees’ parents and Fund of development of CSS No.1 “Erudite” are record-breakers in involvement of money. The school has recently received 40 thousands hryvnas from sponsors.

Project “Fund of development of educational institutions” was established within the framework of program “Modern Education” of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together”. Everything new always means interest to the unknown and horror of changes. Therefore parents get consulting assistance from employees of Offices of quarter development, because Fund “Only Together” has working in the same field for five years. In Igor Palytsia’s opinion, educational institutions require a significant number of development funds to be established.

Now we struggle with transparency for parents to see where money which they must not spent are given. The situation is so that school and director have to ask about it. Only budget costs are not enough because of absence of financing. Nowadays all we can do – to show a positive example for those school, where funds function and parents control every hryvna”, comments Igor Palytsia.

Only several months have passed from the beginning of work of the first development fund “Erudite” in CSS No.11. Natalia Gunko, hard-working Chairman of Board of Directors of the fund, together with initiative and creative parents and pedagogues have passed the way from doubts to success, from the first independent steps to distribution of their experience. Registration of the development fund of the educational institution, opening of a banking account, examination of quality and cost of banking services, distribution of information about the Fund in Internet, examination of experience of experience of analogous organization in Ukraine and abroad, festivals, concerts, negotiations with sponsors, involvement of additional costs – this is sequence of steps, every of which is accompanied by worry of the unknown and joy of victory.


Taking into account current success and growing experience, Natalia Volodymyrivna was glad to share results of work of her Fund during the meeting of “Club of Best Parents”. These are not only 40 thousand hryvnas received by the fund of school development last week, but technology of search of sponsors, method of carrying on negotiations, determination of contact points of interests of school and business. This list of skills and attainments, which colleagues from the successful head of fund “Erudite”, is not complete. In particular, recently mounted surveillance system is a pride of parents’ team. This is only one of projects within the program “Safe School”, introduced by Fund “Erudite” and directed for safe staying of children at school.

Issue for discussion at the meeting of “Club of Best Parents” are determined by needs of particular school or kindergarten. Vitaliy Shnyt – is Chairman of Board of Directors of PEI “Romashka”, father of two children, well aware of needs of kindergarten and school. In his opinion, refinement of the territory and PEI winterizing are the primary task. To reduce financing on the part of parents Vitaliy Ivanovych is going to involve charitable funds of sponsors. Participation in Easter exhibition-fair, which is going to take place in the Art gallery of universal shop “Lutsk”, is considered as one of options. Iryna Konstankevych, Deputy Chairman of Board of Director of Fund “Only Together”, invited to join initiative parental community of six kindergartens.


Heads of development funds of schools and curator of program “Sportive Volyn’ of Fund “Only Together” Oleksiy Sorokun agreed to conduct tournament “Leather Ball” among city schools. Thus, initiative of Natalia Kovalchuk, head of fund of CSS No.16, in conduction of such tournament in one school was not supported by her colleagues, but extended to all city schools.

Members of “Club of Best Parents” are especially fascinated by contest “Young Manager” represented at the meeting. Upper-form students of four Lutsk schools may take part in EU grant project and win the trip to Strasbourg. For this purpose students will develop models of representative self-governing authority (regional council), approve Program of regional development, design projects and pass judgments on “a session of the regional council”.  Students-journalists will provide an informational accompanying of activity of “the regional council”. The result of work of young “managers” will be a short film to be presented on the contest.

With establishment of every new fund of development of educational institution intended to develop a school or a kindergarten, a new approach to education and participation of students and trainees’ parents, who in spite of governmental guarantees of chargeless education have to pay for it on their own.

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