Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” is constantly searching for like-minded persons, ensures them both financial and organization stimulation: interesting initiatives of Volyn residents can be realized owing to introduction of various projects. This year the contest of students’ projects “My Investment into the Future of the City” was finished by selection of forty winners: authors of the most remarkable works among in secondary vocational and higher educational institutions of Lutsk will be getting financial assistance from Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together”.

Foundationer Nazar Dybyna, student from Lesia Ukrainka’s Eastern European National University, dreams about an artistic video laboratory to be created in his higher educational institution. In his opinion, students represent themselves most worthily, show life of youth at full scale and, thus, advertise their university. The boy believes that this innovation will open a lot of interesting not only for students of this university, but for applicants from Volyn region and outside it: “It will impact on the fact that applicants from Volyn and maybe from other regions will see that may self-actualize, here they can find creative people and they will have a chance to work among them”. Nazar would like to invest his scholarship – 2500 hryvnas per month – for purchase of video camera that will help to realize the desirable idea. “It is always pleasant to get incentives, especially, for things you like to do. I feel that my job is worth of doing it and is estimated outside the university”, says the boy.

Another foundationer – Roman Poltorak is this-year graduate of Lesia Ukrainka’s SNU. He has been working over a sketch presented to the contest of students’ projects together with his like-minded persons. Roman is going to realize himself in work with children: “We would like to develop both educational trainings for them and sport program. It will be an entertaining program as well. I have experience of working with choreography and acting stagecraft. I am ready to share it with these children, because they need our help most of all. They are restricted in space. I want to prepare them, use my potential for children’s preparation for full-fledged adult life”. Besides, Roman’s volunteer ideas are being embodied, they coincide with one of charitable directions of the Fund.

Analyzing the most interesting students’ works Orest Makhovskyi, managing director of Igor Palytsia’s “Only Together”, stated that young people’s initiatives must set the purpose to solve the widest range of problems.

Your volunteer activity has to be directed for assistance to maximum number of people. If you have success in sport, you must show example for the next generations, schoolchildren, pre-schoolers and remove them from backyards, release from smartphones and gadgets, involve them into developmental process”, emphasizes Orest Makhovskyi.  

40 students-foundationers are the golden fund of the city, its future. We are glad that five of nominees have repeatedly won the contest. Detailed information about work of students’ projects and their realization in practice can be seen in May during the foundationers’ week. Representatives of the organization can check efficiency of the project, having estimated their feasibility.

Besides, the contest of students’ project “My Investment into the Future of City” is announced annually. Active students, who have interesting ideas and study in governmental higher educational institutions, may take part in it.





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