20 sets of popular books from newspaper Den for Volyn school – this is participation of Igor Palytsias FundOnly Together in an intellectual flash mob proclaimed by the capital publication. Visit of Larysa Ivshyna, main editor of All-Ukrainian publication “Den”, to Lutsk, her native city traditionally assumed original multifunctional shape. First of all, this is an exhibition with competition of newspaper pictures, presentation of new collected volumes, numerous meetings and interviews and this time this is conferment of rank of honored professor of Lesia Ukrainka’s Eastern European National University.

When distributing its publication the chief editor emphasizes an educational role of mass media. Newspaper “Den” takes up a distinct pro-Ukrainian position: “It’s time to help Ukraine, periodical press is a civil potential of the country, but this potential has a particular distance and objectivity. But there are issues that cannot be ignored. Our country …there is no tolerance to aggression”, Larysa Ivshyna does not hide her emotions.

All accompanying publications of the newspaper also perform an educational function, in particular, presented books of journalists of the edition. The latest is trilogy of contemporary history for dummies. The book “I am a witness” is written by journalist Valentyn Torba from Lukhansk region. In due time he was included into separatists’ blacklist for his political position:

 “This triptych is intended to make things as clear as a bell, if we have come to the problem we are dealing with right now. Besides, this feeling is common both for the East and West. The war is only in Eastern Ukraine, the Crimea is utmost Southern Ukraine, but this trouble is common for the whole Ukraine”.

The author of another book with symbolic name “Pot” Ivan Kapsamun considers that Ukraine is in the political and economic pot, from which it not so easy to get out: “People may change, faces on different positions change, but the essence of the system has not changed. My book is dedicated to this problem. Mostly, on the example of Gongadze’s case. A little tragedy provoked a big one. We must get to the root and call it quits in this sphere, than purification of the nation will start

The audience of the presentation mostly consists of young people, students, who have to live in this country, to develop and change it for better, at the same time they inherit mistakes of the past. So future journalists also develop their attitude to role of the press in recovery of modern society. The third-year student of faculty of journalism Lesia Ukrainka’s SNU Lubov Shekel’ states that functions of the fourth power has not been changed: “However that may be (I agree that there other opinions), but the press must be objective and infoemative. It much more important than analysis”. Her coursemate Katerina Nazarchuk considers it’s possible to express personal opinion or to help the unassertive to form own opinion:

 “The press must be objective and simultaneously urgent and tendecious. So, it must cover topical issues and, frankly speaking, all rolled into one, why not?!”

In the guest’s opinion, Ukrainians should be true citizens of their country. This is the task of every release of her publication. The editor prompted officials and not indifferent citizens to present books to youth and schoolchildren. For this purpose the action “Present book to your school” was launched. Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” responded the request at once. Iryna Konstankevych, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of the Fund, considers that the intellectual flash mob is a peculiar educational cultural attack:

 “We are proud that may join these projects and the collection of books for districts of the region was not accidental. We must repeat lessons of our history and know exactly what is an integral part of our future. For sure, the book is an armor piercing opinion-based journalism. At present it’s necessary to assert oneself only with a warring spirit and brave heart!”

The purpose of publication “Den” and Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” have much in common, that’s why they cooperate in future, strengthening spiritual base of Volyn region and Ukraine as a whole.



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