A library in the village of Rokyni is not just a collection of books, but a peculiar cultural and education centre. For six years there has been a children coterie of a doll and book “Romashka” (“a chamomile”), where local children adapt Ukrainian folk tales for the stage. This gives them an opportunity not only to spend their leisure, but develop creatively and train their memory.

The fact that the village library works not only on paper, but also lives a full life, first of all, is the merit of the librarian Nina Samets. The woman did not drop her hands in the absence of funding, but began to look for other opportunities.

There is not just a single written project developed by a librarian from Rokyni. It was Nina Samets who appealed to the Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” with the next idea of modernizing the library. Together they implemented a project in which the library fund was replenished with modern literature, a computer, and new furniture.

  • This project was needed in order for the library to develop and keep up with the times. Everyone loves modern literature, especially children, so new books has been just a necessity, – says the director of the library.

A computer is also needed for the community to communicate with family members or to find the right information. After all, before that, there was only one laptop.

The Kniahynynok Village Council joined the project to modernize the library, having bought bookshelves, tables for visitors and a circulation desk.

The acting head of the village of Rokyni and the village of Bryshche, Lesia Yatsushyk, said that new furniture was a call of the times.

  • The shelves were very old, just lopsided. Nina (the librarian, – author) was taking care of them as best she could. Therefore, the implementation of this project was a necessity for us; otherwise the books could end up on the floor. The old ones were the tables and the circulation desk, – remembers Lesia Yatsushyk.

Natalia Rubliova, a representative of the Lutsk Regional Organization of the “Ukrainian Patriots Organization – UKROP”  Political Party, notes that the Rokyni community is the most active in the region. After all, four projects have already been implemented there:

In no community there are as many projects as in Rokyni. This village is one of the first in the region to start cooperation with the Foundation. All projects were socially significant for the community: equipment for the school chemistry room and for the gym in the kindergarten, outfitting for the Medical and Obstetric Centre in the village of Bryshche, which before joining to the United Territorial Community, was held by the Rokyni Village Council. And here is the presentation of the fourth project. This suggests that people are proactive. They want to do something for the village and, hence, have the result.


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