The Foundation’s strategy is to develop Volyn diversely. For this reason, the major purpose of the Foundation is to find and support those who would be beneficial in that. Fresh and original idea strengthened by experience and investments is the most successful way to the goal.

1.1 Lutsk Development Strategy

  • Lutsk-2020 Project.

1.2. Support for initiatives in areas

  • Initiative Citizenhood Project.

1.3. Support for projects of citizen self-organization:

  • Assistance in Development of Housing Cooperatives and Public Self-Organization Bodies Project;
  • Preservation and Energy Efficiency from Flat to House Project;

1.4. Support for projects of redevelopment:

  • Children’s Playground Project.
  • Improvement of micro-districts, squares, streets and greenfield areas.

A Housing Cooperative: Results and Challenges

During two years of implementation of the project “Assistance in Development of a Housing Cooperative” of the Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” in Lutsk, one third of all existing housing cooperatives have been formed. The residents of mu


A Library That Keeps Up With the Times

A library in the village of Rokyni is not just a collection of books, but a peculiar cultural and education centre. For six years there has been a children coterie of a doll and book “Romashka” (“a chamomile”), where local children adapt Ukrainian


From the Gym to the Olympic Heights

Children from the three villages: Zubylne, Semerynske and Sirnychky study at Zubylne school. In general, 78 pupils are educated. Among secondary schools of the I-II levels, this institution is on the second place in the district. In non-school hours, anot


Good in Return for Good

Within the framework of the “Health of the Volynians” program of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”, the Turiisk Central District Hospital has received a modern defibrillator and two new inhalers. Physicians from Turiisk have been dreaming


A Fairy Tale for Children from Lutsk Artist

It is very comfortable and cozy in the Volyn Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children in Kovel. There are a lot of bright toys in spacious rooms. They have all necessary conditions for restoring mental balance of children ag


Success Is Where Understanding and Unity Are

The first mention of Hanna Zhezhko Turiisk Comprehensive School of I-II Levels is dated in 1837. That is when a parochial school was established in the town. Naturally, no records of those times survived. So, the history of the school starts from 1875, wh


For the Happy Childhood

A kindergarten is a place where our children develop, acquire rules of behavior and gain knowledge. However, the government does not prioritize over education. In schools and kindergartens overhaul works haven’t been done for decades, and the material r


Rehabilitation on Bubnovskyi Exerciser in Turiisk

The Territorial Centre of Social Services in Turiisk district provides social services to the lonely and disabled people, ATO combatants, people with disabilities, and other socially vulnerable groups that are in difficult straits. “Our facility has