822 people live in Vorotniv of Lutsk district. 78 children go to local secondary school. Pupils study in two shifts, because the school building is not large. However, the community tries to keep it in proper condition. Having found out of the work of Ihor Palytsia’s “Tilky Razom” Foundation, a group of activists contacted Lutsk District Representational Office to talk over the project called “Save Warmth”. Parents and teachers have decided to change the school front door to energy saving one.фото ДО проекту

 “Ice used to freeze over old wood front door in winter, because it didn’t close firmly. Associated with constant draughts, children were running the danger of common cold. For this reason, the group of activists came up with an idea to install three doors at school: outer and inner front doors, and a back door” – tells Yaroslava Mykhailovska, a school directress. 

фото ПІСЛЯ реалізаціїї проекту

As a part of the project, Vorotniv school also has got a renewed sport-touring equipment for “The Ecologist” hobby group, which works for a few years.IMG_20161118_144432_HDR

Pupils run Ecotours, plant trees in the woods, clean and develop springs. They also take part in different sports, tourist and ecological competitions and contests of different levels: district, regional and all-Ukrainian. Children and their teacher practice all the time, consequently, outfits and equipment age and break quickly, and usually parents renew them at their own expense. As school doesn’t have a gym, basic sports equipment, namely jumping ropes, hoola hoops, checkers and chess have been bought to improve the conditions of giving physical training lessons in the winter.IMG_20161118_144748_HDR

Yaroslava Mykhailovska, a school directress, sincerely thanked the Foundation, and made a comment: “Tilky Razom” is not only words and pre-election promises, but actual actions. Village community hopes to do more than one project with the assistance of the Foundation. Above all, to equip a sports playground for the summer.IMG_20161118_144647_HDR


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