Participants of twelve charitable master classes held in the Art gallery of Lutsk central universal shop, celebrated Resurrection with special hand-made accessories. Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” jointly with association of handicraft craftsmen “Hand-Made World” performed a peculiar artistic marathon. For several weeks charitable trainings for children were held in the Art gallery.

Before Easter twelve craftswomen offered to get acquainted with their occupations, which from hobbies had risen in life works.

For every of them it was a big experience, because usually master classes are held for two, three, five children and in this case – 10 – 15. This is simultaneously interesting and difficult. But, in my opinion, this is necessary for craftsmen and women, because they can hardly get such precious experience for a short period of time. And in general as an award to reveal themselves in such a wonderful place, near good people”, shared her impression from work with children Katherina Novak, manager of master classes.

Children of different age with various capabilities (including peculiar ones) from pre-school educational institutions and scientific institutions tested various techniques.  Offices of quarter development functioning in different city corners and keep tight connections with Lutsk residents assisted in organization of such lessons.

Manager of Office of quarter development Olena Olifirovych told that such high activity of parents and children was not expected: “We received a lot of positive emotions. There are initiative parents, who encourage development of their children in order to gain new capabilities in the kindergarten, study in pre-school period”.

Both children and parents got pleasure from creative art. At the final stage children’s paintings became exhibits of Easter exhibition.

Sculptural panel picture became the last in series of master classes. This training was intended for the eldest participants of the project.   

During this period above one hundred fifty children participated in the charitable training. But according to Iryna Konstankevych, Deputy Chairman of Board of Directors of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” the most important achievements cannot be calculated in numbers. “These artistic things are extremely warm, because they have been created by children’s hands. Besides, during master classes techniques have been used, which are not usually applied in kindergartens or childish hobby groups. Therefore we have established such plane for learning children different kinds of creative art”, narrated Iryna Konstankevych

Besides, the artistic space has changed a little: the hall became wider, more spacious, now it’s possible to hold large-scale presentations, exhibitions and performances here. The holiday-oriented projected has finished, but in summer new trainings for children – so fascinating and useful – will be held.



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