All parents are aware of kind donations to schools and kindergartens. No one probably has illusions about free education. It is expected that the money is put to good use and spent transparently.

As a matter of fact, parents’ committees at educational institutions gradually begin to refuse from collecting cash, and start up charity development funds instead. Although the process of transformation from the old way to the new one is streamlined in legal terms, it must be said that it is not easy for parents to turn around mentally. Most of them are unaware that there is such alternative and the advantages that funds have.

The reasons behind that are various: many have stereotyped image of charity funds work, the others were made to believe in false information about the lengthy process of purchasing through the offices of legal entity, while some parents are absolutely indifferent, which is probably the worst.

Nevertheless, no one waits for the quick shift in mindset: nothing else but positive example and experience might break the walls to result in the method of financial aid which is used in the advanced society.

The question of what disrupts the uprooting of the existing collection system was raised during the roundtable discussion organized by Ihor Palytsia Foundation “United Together” on the 19th of February. Among the attendees were representatives of the City Council and the Department of Education, as well as the heads of already founded funds at schools and kindergartens.

All the attendees agreed that creating a legal entity, a charity fund at school or kindergarten, is the best way to provide transparent assistance and putting parent’s money to good use.

“I am in favor of creating charity funds” – Andrii Kytsia, a newly-appointed Deputy Mayor stated his position and the position of the City Council.

These funds are created by the parents’ decision. The funds act as a separate legal entity, and the cycle of moneys is easy to trace. The process of registration takes several days, while the professional staff members of Ihor Palytsia Foundation “United Together” who are starting to work intensively towards the question of funding since this year, will share their experience and teach how to act as a legal entity.

Moreover, having concluded a treaty, a legal entity can bargain for loyal prices from wholesalers, it will be possible to account for every penny, and the replenishment of funds can be done in a number of ways: by cash paid on card account or wire transfer.

The Head of the Foundation “United Together” Oleksandr Tovsteniuk is confident: to make parents’ kind donations to schools and kindergarten transparent, efficient and beholden, they should be provided by wire transfer. For this reason, parents’ committees must choose a person knowledgeable in the financial sector who could take charge of the fund’s activity.

And the City Council as well as school executives, insomuch as they publicly proclaim kindly treatment towards the creation of such funds and non-cash transactions of kind donations, must take explanatory work about the procedure of creating such organizations. Especially since a corresponding direction of the City Council recommends to create these funds.

The Head of the Development Fund of School Nr. 11, Nataliia Hunko, does not express regret for creating the fund at the school. Moreover, she believes that this should have been done five years ago to improve the level of education and material and technical supply of schoolchildren fundamentally.

“Our Fund has existed since the 20th of October, 2015, but we have already experienced the advantages. The fact is that as a legal entity, we have the right to participate in the citizens’ initiative contests, which means that we can implement some project on condition of co-funding. We also keep a close watch on grant projects, although it is too early to talk about. The Fund should grow and enhance development, and have a grant backstory. This question should have been raised five or ten years ago, consequently, we could have had this grant background. We use only 36% of the money earmarked for different projects by the European Union.” – Hunko states.

She adds that parents have already shown interest in grant projects. However, there was no legal entity, and taking part in those projects was impossible. We asked the Quarter Development Office originated by Ihor Palytsia Foundation “United Together” for assistance in creating legal entity. Since one of the “United Together” Foundation’s projects is intended for promotion of creating charity funds at schools, providing training and clarification how to start the fund and do accounting.

Therefore, the participants of the roundtable discussion have concluded that educational institutions will provide time and space for meeting parents and representatives of “United Together” Foundation, which is ready to promote an information campaign for the development of funds at schools, as well as they are going to provide all proper trainings. And the parent committees are asked to inform if such agreement remains in force and whether there are no barriers on that way.

«We will use administrative methods of influence on those who would impede cooperation», Oleh Hrebeniuk, the Head of the Department of Education of the City Council has assured.

Besides the point, the representatives of the Lviv city community are willing to learn from the experience in the creation of charity funds in Lutsk. They were interested in the idea and the experience of the regional center of Volyn.

The next roundtable discussion is being carried out in April. During this meeting the founder of “United Together” Foundation, Ihor Palytsia together with representatives of the City Council will share the results of their work and, obviously, will document the collaboration officially.

Source: “Volynski Novyny”, Information Agency


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