People’s artist, teacher of artistic folk school Vasyl Parakhin presented his pupils’ works of art at the exhibition in the Art gallery of the central universal shop of Volyn regional center. Volyn traditional plant ornaments, people, birds, animals in children’s pictures reveal true spirit of our native land, transfer connection between generations.

Vasyl Parakhin devoted a significant part of life to his favorite occupation. He has been reviving Volyn cultural traditions together with his pupils for more than 20 years. Their works of art were exhibited at many prestigious displays and now on the initiative of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” – in the artistic exhibition hall of the CUS.

Walls of the gallery are decorated with several dozens of pupils’ works that have been drawn in different periods. They are made on paper, cardboard, ply. Besides, four wooden carved statues of saints are exhibited – these are modern remains of roadside sculpture popular in the past, but forgotten now. The people’s artist propagates old traditions of forging, construction. In his opinion, renovation of the country begins from cultural renovation, as it is steady, traditional as language. Now Vasyl Parakhin is looking for devoted followers of his activity, because it is worth saving.

Zoya Navrotska, director of the Artistic Museum, art historian, and honored cultural worker of Ukraine is among guests, who have come for opening of the exhibition. Together with her colleagues she was fully responsible for preparation for the exhibition. They were selecting the place for every work of art and carefully mounting every exhibit. The paintings were recently exhibited in the Artistic Arsenal in Kiev.

Zoya Navrotska paid attention that the Art gallery is a suitable place for the exhibition, because it’s hard to attract modern visitors to a museum or specialized places. “Earlier we were going to establish a special place for such exhibitions, maybe somewhere in the historical part of the city. But it is necessary to understand that it will be visited by people, who are close to art. Our task is to attract attention of a neutral visitor, who after a flying visit of the exhibition may become a connoisseur of the master, and in this case – of people’s style in art. For this reason Fund “Only Together” opened the Art gallery in the CUS – this is truly far-reaching step”, – the art historian shared her opinion.

At the opening of the exhibition there were those people, who were interested in Volyn painting traditions, master’s friends and devotees. Students of local higher educational institutions acknowledged that they were fascinated by naivety and simultaneous depth of paintings, which reached the deepest corners of their hearts.

Svitlana Organista, actress of T. Shevchenko’s regional music and drama theater, who has attended the exhibition, says that some paintings involuntary make to stop for a while: “In these paintings there is something provoking the painter’s plot to be continued. You see and do not understand how such serious and sometimes even horrible things can be depicted using such naïve, childish style. And this disharmony, at first sight, creates and promotes an emotional spectrum”.

“The purpose of the project is not only opening of the exhibition and acquaintance with paintings. Vasyl Grygorovych has a brilliant idea how to represent principles of people’s painting to a wide target audience”, narrated Iryna Kostankevych, Head of Board of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together”. The fund initiated two-day master classes for teachers and students. Vasyl Parakhin, people’s artist will hold them in the Art gallery at the end of June.



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