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About the Foundation

Ihor Palytsia Foundation «United Together» is a non-government and non-profit-making charity organization. The Foundation was set up in June 2011 under the title “New Lutsk”. This year, along with the changing of the title, the perspectives of the Foundation’s performance have changed. Specifically, the geographic reach has extended, and now the Foundation operates within the Volyn region. That sort of changes open up new alternatives for local communities that owing to the collaboration with the Foundation can make a reality of socially useful and meaningful ideas.
The Central Office is located in Lutsk. Nowadays the Foundation is realizing 24 projects in different areas of public life, among which are: education, science, culture, sports and activities to help those Volynians who are in urgent need of help.
The Mission of the Foundation

The Foundation encourages initiatives that are able to change the life of community fundamentally. We understand that any project is effective when both the Foundation and the mover of a proposal are interested in its realization. Only that kind of bilateral approach can ensure success in the future. We take into consideration every single idea, and then facilitate the realization of a project following principles of the social significance and prospects of development.

The Foundation believes in the neutrality and objectivity in decision-making. The condition of support for the Foundation’s ideas and project realization is primarily the importance of the result for the community and the prospect of development. We want to participate in international programs that will expand the range of work of the Foundation.
The Foundation’s Ways of Working

Project realization applicable to public health services that enhance the quality of getting health services and provide disease prevention;

Supporting the development of sport to promote a healthy lifestyle and the formation of physical culture as an integral part of the life of Volynians;

Implementation of socioeconomic projects that are changing the approach to self-government;

Legal and financial assistance in the stages of registration and organization of work of housing cooperatives and charity development funds at educational institutions;

Conferring distinctions on scientific, artistic and sporting achievements of pupils and students;

Financial and legal assistance to individuals who need it most;

Organization of cultural events.


General Principles of the Foundation’s Team

The main principle of our team’s work is “With Goodness in the Heart”.
The Usefulness and Relevance of the Projects 

We take into account the most frequent requests of Volynians, monitor urgent social problems in order to find the ways of solving them reflecting on the concept of the project.



We have a professional approach to work. The Foundation’s team consists of professionals and highly skilled people that are properly trained and instructed.

Project realizations are systematically reported on the information resources of the Foundation. Announcements of events, offers of cooperation and the conditions for participation in competitions are placed on the Foundation's website, as well as on the media platforms that work closely with us.