Today in four comfortable rooms with modern equipment kids with special needs can get recovered and take up physical therapy. Rehabilitation wards are based on the Children’s Unit of Manevychi District Hospital.

Tetiana Samchuk, a deputy chief physician on maternity and childhood, has set herself an aim to create conditions for the rehabilitation of patients with special needs. The audacious plan was able to execute thanks to the support of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”.

«There are 320 children with special needs in Manevychy district. They need rehabilitation and treatment which are available in Lutsk or in specialized health centres. We wondered how to create the appropriate conditions for such patients in the district centre. We have been cherishing the idea for five years, but we didn’t have enough money and professionals. Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” has extended a helping hand to us. At first, we planned to equip one room, but thanks to the support of the Foundation, we have equipped four rooms! My colleagues and I are convinced: the Foundation is in character with its actions», – says Tetiana Samchuk.

According to Oleksandra Melnychuk, the head of the eastern branch of the Foundation, the application from the initiative group came 29 September 2015. The citizens of Manevychy asked to create a rehabilitation centre in the Central District Hospital that the children with disabilities could receive assistance within the territory of the district. The project “Strengthening of Material and Technical Base of Health Care Facilities” has been implemented under the “The Health of the Volynians” Program.

A psychologist, a neurologist, a speech therapist, and a therapeutic physical training specialist will work with patients. A gym, sensory room, massage room and art room are at the children’s disposal. The wards are equipped with sports equipment, appliances and accessories. In short, children with special needs have everything that is required for the effective rehabilitation.

The Children’s Unit in Manevychy Central District Hospital has 25 beds. 10 years ago to make the treatment more fun for the kids, the workers painted the walls in the corridors. When small patients would go to a manipulation room, they felt that their favorite characters of fairy tales support them. However, the walls in the wards remained white.

Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” offered gifted students of the Lutsk Higher School of Construction and Architecture to paint the walls in bright colours. Olga Filiuk and Viktoria Korol got fully created.

Physicians from Manevychy invited Iryna Konstankevych, a Member of Parliament and the member of the board of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” at the grand opening of the rehabilitation centre.

“This is charity what unites, gives the foundation for spiritual life, and helps materialize specific plans. In terms of this project we can see how a lot of people come together. It is important that the initiative came from physicians and NGOs. It was immediately supported by the Foundation. For a long time the Foundation has been doing many good things for children undergoing rehabilitation in Lutsk. Since recently, the Foundation has expanded its activity in all districts of Volyn region. It is important for me that we unite under the auspices of Ihor Palytsia for this act of kindness. Having united, we’ve got positive results and a good deed. I will make my own contribution for the arrangement of the rehabilitation center, the Village Head will make his contribution for this – his, the churches will make their own one, and the children will benefit from our help. If in our state each made his small contribution, we would have a successful country”, – said Iryna Konstankevych.

According to a tradition, representatives of the local clergy came to a housewarming. The senior priests of the Orthodox and Catholic churches prayed together and blessed the medical staff for rewarding work. As a present for the new branch they gave icons of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn. One of the priests, Mykhailo Melnychuk, said that the wisest investment is in children’s health. Of course, all parents dream that their babies were born and grew strong and intelligent. Unfortunately, it is different in reality. So, the philanthropists do good things that create conditions for the rehabilitation of children with special needs.


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