At Lutsk stadium Avangard the second international match play in track-and-field took place. Teams from Polish cities Liublin and Zamostia, national team from Brest, teams from Sumy, Donetsk, Rivne regions took part in them. Hosts of the competition represented two teams of 16 members each. The athletic festival was held under support of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together”. His managing director Orest Makhovskyi mentioned that the main direction developed in the fund – health, physical culture, sport and current sport event – “Only Together” Cup – only prove it.

Together with Igor Palytsias Fund that supports us we may courageously realize such projects, acknowledges President of Athletics Federation in Volyn region Volodymyr Rudiuk.

The match play was called “Only Together”, because it united athletes from the East and West. Sportsmen from Mariupol spent two nights in a train to take part in the competition. Their coach Sergiy Lemeshko shared impressions: “We like your stadium very much and are glad to participate in your competition. The East and West are together – Glory to Ukraine”.

Among visitors of the match play there were athletes from Belarus. 48 similar events have been already held in Brest. Belorussian athletes attend the reconstructed stadium second time. “I am glad that such training center has appeared in Lutsk, earlier we have known about Lutsk by its football team Volyn, now we will know about it by the match play”, stated Vasyl Leeshynskyi, head of sport delegation from Brest.

First victories of Volyn sportsmen were remarkable for golden medals. Among winners there was a track-and-field athlete from Luibeshiv Yuliia Kotyk. In her native town the stadium was reconstructed and professional floor coating on athletic tracks was laid owing to support of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together”. Right now the golden winner of the match play in sprinter’s race for 300 meters is training on it. Yuliia acknowledges that trains on the reconstructed stadium every day.

Polish sportswoman Klavdia Zasada won a bronze medal in sprinter’s race. The girl has visited the competition in Lutsk for the first time. Klavdia is impressed with cultural monuments of the regional center, especially with our visiting card – Lutsk Castle.

The legendary athlete Sergiy Bubka has already expressed about the renovated stadium “Avangard”. Now Polish delegates share their impressions about the track-and-field complex. “You have a very good stadium with professional running tracks, we liked everything very much”, says Savek Murat, representative of the delegation from Zamostia and Lublin.

This time sportsmen competed in 18 athletic disciplines, among which there are sprint, jumps and javelin throw. Under the results of competition the team from Sumy region filled the first place with 118 scores, team from Volyn filled the second place with 117 scores. Athletes from Rivne region filled the third place. In June athletic championship among adults and youth will be held at the stadium. They will be fighting for license to the forthcoming Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro.


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