Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” will continue providing free holidays for children in “Artek-Bukovel” Camp. That is what was announced during the conversation with the reporters in a live television broadcast on “Nova Volyn” Channel by Ihor Palytsia, the Founder of “Tilky Razom” Foundation and the head of the Volyn Region Council.

Among other things, during the live program the reporters were interested if the Foundation planned to send Volynian children on free vacation to Bukovel. Ihor Palytsia answered that according to “The Health of the Volynians” Program, in 2017 schoolchildren as usual will have an opportunity to spend their holidays profitably and healthily in Bukovel.

Generally, as part of “The Health of the Volynians” Program, Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” has arranged health-improving and informing trips for talented children to “Artek-Bukovel” Camp for five years in a row. The first arrival was in 2012. Between now and then, 7 730 talented and special children from all Volyn region could enjoy picturesque Carpathian mountains and have a rest at “Artek-Bukovel”. In 2016 1121 gifted children from Volyn got a chance to gain strength and breath Carpathian air.

“There are many successful children in Volyn, but only the best can get the vacation package to the Carpathian mountains, so the rivalry is very big,” – says Oksana Demchuk, a “Vacation in Bukovel” Project Manager. Right from the start, she is the person who reviews each set of documents that the nominee sends, and makes sure that all terms and conditions are followed, as well as accompanies the children on vacation.

  • Earlier the project worked only in Lutsk and, consequently, the vacation packages were allotted between schoolchildren from the regional centre. When in previous years, winners of city Olympiads, medalists of competitions and tournaments were on vacation in Bukovel, then starting from 2016, we have raised the bar for achievements to get the vacation package. It was not easy to consider all conditions, because we have a large number of talented young people, and only 1000 vacation packages. That is why we have defined the criteria that are necessary for taking part in the competitive selection maximally. The winners of regional Olympiads, defense competitions of the Junior Academy of Sciences, regional stages (1,2,3 positions); international culture competitions; winners of Ukrainian Championship and Ukrainian Cup in individual Olympic and non-Olympic kinds of sports. Another feature of the selection is that we leave team and collective achievements out of the equation. Children age category that can go to Bukovel is 10-17 years (pupils of 4-10 grades).

All in all, “Artek-Bukovel” is a sports and health camp. Children have active recreation here, and improve the health in the true sense of the word. They are in motion, play games, go in for sports, race and carry out competitions. But apart from the leisure time, those children get something more in the camp: an environment of like-minded people with a high level of the intelligence. This is a place which makes you want to get back again and again, and where you get excited for the rest of your life, and inspired for new winnings and achievements.


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