This season population of district centers of Volyn region will have a chance to get in touch with beauty. Guest project “To Spiritual Treasuries” within the framework of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” “Culture and Spirituality” is lasting. Performance “Officer’s servant Shelmenko” entertained residents of two Polissia towns – Lubeshiv and Stara Vyzhivka.

The road tour of Taras Shevchenko’s regional academic music and drama theater had a great success in Lubeshiv. This is the fourth district center to which the project “To Spiritual Treasuries” of Igor Palytsia’s Fund. Local assistants and organizers have not published posters yet, but tickets have already been bought.

“People perceived it in the best way! I was distributing invitations for the premiere. Only pedagogues have gathered above 160 tickets, medical staff – 40, employees of cultural sphere – 60, employees of social sphere – above 60. No one reduced quotas”, narrated one of viewers Mykola Nykonchuk, heading a local group of UKROP party.

Actors of the road troupe stated atmosphere was especially warm and emotions of audience were frank.

Spectators enjoyed themselves enormously and emphasized that the performance was simultaneously entertaining and perceptive. Both children and adults perceived adventures of Shelmenko and his master with simultaneous interest. Less than in a week residents of Stara Vyzhivka shared their impressions from the performance.   

In 1960th when I was a student, I regularly attended performances of our theater. Now every year I attend theater, when I visit my daughters in Lutsk. At present when the theater has arrived to Stara Vyzhivka, this is real festivity for us”, said one of spectators.

Roman Tsalay, deputy head of Stara Vyzhivka district council, told that such events were not held for a long while. “Population of our villages and towns has not visited theater performances or other cultural events for a long time. People always perceive it as something extraordinary. Such ideas are in demand”, he mentioned.

Responses are the most pleasant for actors. Spectators responded for comical scenes with excitement, where heroes and own negative features can be laughed at, because any character resembles either oneself or neighbor. Consequently, townsfolk of the district center hopes that the theater will come with a full road tour soon.




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