A village of Krukhynychi is geographically close to the district centre of Lokachi. Though, the population is not large, about 700 residents, but they are enterprising and friendly. This is evidenced by an ambitious implemented project, a reconstruction of a kindergarten after a twenty-year break.

Guests from Lutsk and the district centre came to congratulate the villagers of Krukhynychi. In particular, a Head of Volyn Region Party Organization of the Ukrainian Patriots Organization – UKROP Political Party Viacheslav Rubliov. He conveyed congratulations from the founder of Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom”, and stated: I understand what how much a kindergarten means for children and their parents, especially when there was none for a long time. So, I congratulate you with this high-day and want to wish new gains for the children. This is not one, but two projects at the same time: one of them is about a children’s playground, and another is about purchasing furniture. In the future we will support this kindergarten and other facilities held by the Village Council. The name of this kindergarten is “Zerniatko” (“a grain”), which is very symbolic: what we put behind our children will form them in the future. The education starts from a kindergarten.

Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” joined this affair and supported two projects: the first is new furniture and chairs for the child’s room, a play corner and nature corner, and the second is a sports playground.

These two important projects are implemented, and I think, now the kindergarten will become the centre of children’s leisure, because the village has never had a kindergarten of such standard, – said Viacheslav Rubliov.

The Head of Lokachi District Organization of the “Ukrainian Patriots Organization – UKROP”  Political Party Vasyl Demydiuk told that the kindergarten stopped working in the 90s. It was taken to pieces, had no windows and doors, only walls remained, and the heating system was dismantled.

The supervisor of “Zerniatko” kindergarten Myroslava Martyniuk thanked to Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” for the support, which is equipping children’s rooms, a sports ground and playground. She also told that the facility can have 20 children at one time, but there are 22 listed. And 8 preschool children will have a chance to prepare for school thoroughly. There all necessary conditions for that and a kindergarten has a special room.


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