What is line? It is said to tell a lot about the whole life, particularly, when it is … the beginning of soul …

“We have a colossal native spirit in folklife culture. Folklife culture means roots, this is the basis without which anything meaningful cannot exist”.

According to Vasyl Parakhin, a person, whom his fellow countrymen in Gorokh district consider eccentric. And he does not object – let them say what they like and do not hamper. Can a person enstrange from the native, natural, most distinctive? Maybe, if he or she is indifferent to sources of heart of homeland, where he or she has born and lives, if the eternal has become senseless, lost its fragrance. It’s easy to leave only resemblance of a person, remove everything, fill him or him with whatsoever, loose the alive, with which he or she was born. It’s painful for Vasyl Parakhin, native resident of Volyn region, who was seeking fortune all over the world, but found himself the wonder near his homestead. He found himself in renaissance of folklife culture. Through painting, forging, sculpture, construction.

“I have been working in renaissance for more than 40 years. I was working in the center of Ukraine, in the ministry. I had many business trips. In shops I was sitting with men and women and tried to find these local roots and to tie them to something in order to take them. I wrote a lot, because later I was working in forestry for more than 10 years and in the art foundation for a long while, and with pictures. I succeeded to do it with efficiency factor, because it was in the period of Soviet Union. For sure, God blessed our nation with colossal cultural potential…”

It was beneficial for some people to block this potential. Vasyl feels sorrow that presently he is developing his brain, but not soul. In race for sciences the most important thing is forgotten for some reason, because it will not feed us. For this reason the native, real is lost among the forged, propagated, falsified.

 “This is the dead end or forgery of Ukrainian culture. Pryimachenko’s style is often forged. It seems to be stylized design, but really it is falsification. But falsification in culture means death. Volyn region is a frontier region. It was observed through the church, fields. And it was significantly restricted, it was … not remarked with such cultural developments as in Galicia region”.

Maybe, he was born for this purpose, a gifted wise man with such non-Ukrainian surname Vasyl Parakhin in order to preserve a thin root of folk soul, which hid very deeply. To keep the line, origin of the beauty, aspiration for beauty alive.

 “There are thing which can not be destroyed – for example, paintings. It was made on piazzas, cocks were painted, different ornaments… the same on embroidery. There are elements that can be seen and they permit to determine how the whole painting look liked”.

Folklife art school exists for this purpose, where usual children study. The collection of children’s paintings has been broadening for more than 20 years and they are fair expression of feelings. These paints are mostly drawn on usual cardboard, with conventional paints – gouache, water colors.

Village always was the source of the most natural, which had nothing in common with falsification. But people always regarded countryside through the prism of eggs, butter, horse radish. And the rest is soul of the village, the most important one, identical to nectar in a flower and the village contains this artistic, important component, it is natural. If a person lives in the world and in the end it remains without soul, it is confirmed by many things now, this is final product – quality of soul. For normal development of soul it is necessary for it to accept positive beauty, not negative. Negative will mean injury. An it must leave feedback.”

Vasyl Parakhin tries to give all his knowledge and experience to children. He strives to share his wealth, to plant the most valuable in souls of children, which they will not be able to find anywhere.

“If you go from soul, it’s possible to make a particular conclusion. If we proceed out of nowhere, from contemporary figures, who have said something, the other have done something else and published some materials. The result will be void. Chaos is a terrible disaster. If the world is in chaos, soul will be poisoned with lies and sins. Chaos is a sin. God said an axe laid at the tree. If the tree does not give fruits, it shall be cut off. Person must know that as all things are created by God, it shall be taken into account and human brain is extremely vain. So I work with children, because I see that this work makes sense”.

Most of all Vasyl Parakhin worries for his activity in recovery of culture not to fade. Parakhin’s fosterlings grow up, seek for their useful ways in life, in their opinion, they justify their parents’ hopes. Folklife painting is blossoming in works of small children from villages of Zhuravnyky and Stoyaniv. One generation changes with the next one.

 “People are … have become deaf, they do not listen, do not think that this case is not related to profit. If we talk about the face of Ukraine in perspective and think about it, a lot of work has to be done”. 

Meanwhile, an artist sleeps in every person.

“How a human being percepts the world? By 90 percent through vision, hearing, even smell, taste. God gave humans these senses … it’s necessary to protect them from negative impulses.  I imagine it has a lot of buds inside like on a tree. Some buds are white, good, positive and some are negative. If positive buds do not grow, the negative will appear.

Vasyl Parakhin, master of folklife art, honored cultural employee of Ukraine, confidently applies the simple alive line, which he has outlined for himself. He carries out his activity without a fuss and retells about it to interested persons. The exhibition held in the Art gallery of Lutsk central universal shop by Igor Palytsia’s Fund is another attempt, this is the word. This is an unusual word, but the way to the most important, most simple and alive, from which everything starts. This is word about the line. The line of folk soul.

 “Let us go to kindness. Someone has to start it. I don’t want to say that I am special, but I have put so many efforts. I don’t want to say that I have got to know everything, I am just trying. Question mark shall be put. Before it, before you, before others, what people must know the difference between body and soul”.




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