Keeping the traditions and customs alive is an essential condition of the perception of national affiliation. The Foundation supports arts and cultural arrangements, on-stage performance groups, and book publishing industry.

1.1 Support for national-patriotic education:

  • New Life – New Lutsk Project.

1.2. Organization and support for arts and cultural arrangements, support for on-stage performance groups and creative artists:

  • Towards Spiritual Treasures Project;
  • Support and arranging of festivals and events in the Art-Gallery;
  • Support for on-stage performance groups and creative artists;
  • Support for arts and cultural events.

1.3. Congratulating the citizens of Lutsk:

  • Open-Hearted to People Project.

1.4. Support for civic organizations.

1.5. Upgrading of cultural establishment’s facilities.


A Teenage Festival Has Taken Place in Somyne

At the leasure base near the picturesque lake Somyne, the 9th Volyn Teenage Festival was held. Summer camping was supported by the Regional Charity Fund “Preobrazhennia” in cooperation with the Volyn Regional Evangelical Christian Baptist Union. Durin


A “Night in Lutsk Castle” Has Been Held

One of the brightest cultural events in Ukraine, the grand theatrical art show “Night in Lutsk Castle”, took place in Lutsk. This year it was the ninth festival. The general sponsor of the event was Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Ra


Embroidered Talismans for Lutsk Infants

Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” has been implementing its project “New Life – New Lutsk” since 2011. As a part of the “Culture and Spirituality” Program, newborn babies and their mothers receive pleasant an


A Theatrical Tour on Volyn Districts Has Finished

For the second year in a row Volhynians have the opportunity to see the best works of Ukrainian drama performed by famous artists on the stages of district and rural houses of culture. This time, the residents of Kovel, Lyuboml, Ratne and Lutsk districts


The holiday for differently abled children

St. Nicholas Day turned out to be filled with gifts for children with special needs, who came from the administrative center, Lutsk, Gorokhiv and Kivertsi districts. Ihor Palytsia “Tilky Razom” Foundation has invited the children to the joyous celebra


Theater season is lasting in Volyn districts

This season population of district centers of Volyn region will have a chance to get in touch with beauty. Guest project “To Spiritual Treasuries” within the framework of Igor Palytsia’s Fund “Only Together” “Culture and Spirituality” is las