Upon an initiative of Ihor Palytsia Foundation «United Together»,  the work of Quarter Development Offices is aimed to develop the city continues in Lutsk.
Staff members of Quarter Development Offices are ready to give an audience to the citizens of Lutsk that need help, and wait for those people who strive for changes in Lutsk.

In the Quarter Development Offices the citizens of Lutsk can learn the following information:
– how to influence changes aimed at their quarter development;
– discuss the problems of the city and find solutions to solve them;
– get to know how to stick up for consumers’ rights;
– process documents for pension, subsidy or other kinds of social assistance, etc.

In the Quarter Development Offices the citizens of Lutsk are taught how to form a housing cooperative, quarter and street committees in their household; the staff members offer consultations on filling in the documents regarding charity funds establishment in childcare centres and schools; they hold topical workshops and give seminars on training preservation and energy efficiency professionals; and give advices about family and everyday issues.

Quarter Development Offices are located at the following addresses:

  • 37 Hordiiuk Street;
  • 38 Sobornosti Avenue;
  • 10 Vidrodzhennia Avenue;
  • 30 Kondzelevycha Street;
  • 6 Druzhby Narodiv Boulevard;
  • 10 Koroliova Street;
  • 47а Kovelska Street;
  • 6 Henerala Shukhevycha Street.


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