When someone gets into trouble, we suffer pain with all our hearts. We answer the needs of the elderly, physically challenged people, orphans, veterans, and those in difficult straits. In addition, for several years running insulin-dependent children have obtained financial assistance from the Foundation. Besides, the support of ATO veterans is provided.

1.1. Social assistance for the general public:

  • Meal Service for Low-Income Sections of the Population Project:
  • Meal service for certain categories of schoolchildren;
  • Meal service for people in difficult straits.
  • Ostomy Patients Support Project;
  • Targeted Aid Project.

1.2. Support for civic organizations of social focus.

1.3. Upgrading of social institution’s facilities.


40 Thousand Volynians Received Aid

For six years without exception Ihor Palytsia’s Foundation “Tilky Razom” has been providing aid to people who need it most of all. They are children and incurably ill young people, senior citizens who need medicaments but can’t afford them because


Vasyl Parakhin is soul of Volyn region

What is line? It is said to tell a lot about the whole life, particularly, when it is … the beginning of soul … “We have a colossal native spirit in folklife culture. Folklife culture means roots, this is the basis without which anything meaningful